Friday, February 13, 2009

Native American Beaded Jewelry – Worthy Replacements of Gold Jewelry

Have you started losing interest in your vast collection of gold jewelry? While looking for a replacement, you can take a look at Native American jewelry design crafted from beads. These designs are finding new heights in the form of modern jewelry products for all age groups. You can find them to be more appealing and up to date than designs crafted from gold, silver and other precious metals.

Use of Natural materials

The wonderful jewelry pieces like Native American earrings, necklaces, pendants and other are crafted from natural material beads. For instance, the skilled artists from different Native American tribes used stones, wood, bones and other naturally-existing materials for rendering an exclusive look to these jewelry designs. Apart from using turquoise for turquoise necklace and other products, these artists also employed shells, amber and similar ingredients to make these designs fascinating. 

Fine Seed Beads as Major Ingredients

One of the most celebrated ingredients used for designing Native American jewelry is fine seed beads. There are many advantages offered by these beads in crafting superlative jewelry designs and thus, you can find them with popular online stores like Red Hand Jewelry.

  1. They are highly flexible and thus, the jewelry artists can deform them to craft variety of designs.

  2. These are perfect ingredients for various jewelry forms, including necklaces, rings, bracelets and Native American earrings.

  3. These beads are capable of blessing the jewelry designs with modern look and appeal and can also make them look as fancy as those crafted from gold and silver.

  4. These Native American jewelry ingredients are durable enough to remain with you for a long life.

Favorite Designs for New Generations

Not only mature jewelry lovers, but individuals from young generation are also attracted towards Native American earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings and other products crafted from fine seed beads. This is a celebrated way to blend an age-old tradition with modern outlook. You can see the craze of these jewelries among teenagers, who are less attracted towards gold jewelry. These designs can help them to look different from others and render a style statement wherever they go.

Just like turquoise necklace, the good aspect of beaded jewelry is that you can wear it on dissimilar occasions. You can choose them to wear for a social get-together as well as for a formal meeting. Also, you can get yourself noticed at a night party with these designs decorating different parts of your body.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Native American Jewelers – Blending Old Tradition for Contemporary Styles

Which jewelry designing tradition has succeeded in gratifying modern style? The answer is Native American jewelry designing, which has been impressing generations since ages. The main credit for ensuring the progress of this western jewelry form goes to the skilled artists and jewelers from different regions and tribes of Native America. These artists leant the art of crafting beautiful designs from their ancestors and induced the fashion element in them for tailoring them for modern generation.

Pure Use of Handcrafting

The highlight of this form of jewelry designing is that there is no use of machines in crafting various astonishing designs. One instance of these magnificent handmade designs can be found in the form of turquoise jewelry, which has reserved a great reputation for itself among jewelry lovers. You can find these designs available with renowned online stores like Red Hand Jewelry.

Varying Styles of Artists

The Indian tribes in America, which produce great jewelry artists and designers, are many in number. And thus, you can find a huge variety of style adopted by artists from different tribes to craft Native American jewelry. Even the renowned archaeologists are impressed with the level of variation offered by each jewelry style prepared by these artists.

Two Significant Designing Works

The jewelers indulged in designing native western jewelry make use of two significant skills for coming up with attractive designs. The first one is metalwork, which make use of metals like copper and sterling silver to craft pieces like earrings and pendants. You can find the influence of European jewelry styles in this category.

The second category belongs to beadwork and you can find styles like turquoise jewelry and those crafted from shells, porcupine quills and other types of beads. It is amazing to watch thousands of beads put together in one design by these artists.

Also, the western jewelry designers blend different materials to craft awe-inspiring designs. For instance, sterling silver is the main metal used by them to compliment materials like shells, coral, lapis, jade and many more.

Finding an authorized Native American jeweler is not an easy task, as this industry is full of fraud dealers. You need to make a choice on the basis of factors like appearance of various materials used, the guarantee and prices offered on each Native American jewelry item. Keep in mind that turquoise jewelry and other native jewelries are costly and if you are offered these products at low prices, you might be looking at fake copies.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

How Can Native American Necklace Add Glitters to Your Personality

The Native American jewelry is no different from any other jewelry form in terms of items offered by it. However, it definitely has that extra factor to its credit, which distinguishes it from other popular jewelry forms. Among most prominent designs fabricated by native artists, a Native American necklace can immediately attract your attention. It is not just the beauty of these designs that can appeal to you, but there are many factors, which can influence you to own one.

First Item to Purchase

The native jewelry is an expensive form of jewelry and a common buyer, with insufficient budget, can’t think of buying all items like necklaces, bracelets, earrings and others in one go. However, to immediately satisfy your desire for this wonderful jewelry, you can think of possessing a Native American necklace as your first jewel. You can further celebrate the joy of buying these designs from an online store, like Red hand Jewelry, which offers great products at reasonable prices.

First Item to Attract

A necklace decorating your neck is the first item to grab the attention of people around you. All other jewelry items are not equally capable of earning good compliments for you at the first gaze. Thus, you can buy a necklace of native jewelry form to get noticed.

Reaction of People

With a necklace dazzling on your body, you can solve the purpose of winning desired reaction of your friends, family as well as those meeting you for the first time. Some may appreciate your taste and others might turn green with envy. But, a reaction is something definitely expected from one and all.

Reflection of Success

If you have recently tasted success in any form, you can display your happiness by wearing a beautiful piece of Native American jewelry like a necklace. You can bring refinement in your personality and create an elegant aura around yourself by wearing a beautiful jewel like this. Luxury and fashion are two significant impressions reflected by these pieces of fine jewelry.

A Native American necklace should be selected on the basis of three important factors, including its value, its designs and the way it compliments with your overall personality. Buying Native American jewelry is no less than an investment, which will offer high returns for the rest of your life.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What Can Wearing Native American Bracelet Represent

A stylish Native American bracelet is considers as a modish piece of jewelry and you can find it on the arms of people from all age groups. No matter what is the age of the wearer, this type of bracelet can successfully represent one thing or the other for him or her. The online jewelry stores like Red Hand Jewelry have contributed towards the popularity of these jewelry pieces, by extending their reach to masses and classes. So, what can these western jewelry pieces represent for different people?

People from Middle Age Group

As far as individuals from middle age group are concerned, these members of native jewelry category can represent the glory of a tradition, which has existed around us for centuries. These pieces bring enjoyment while wearing with different types of clothes. The association of these unfading jewelry pieces with past era is enough to influence this age group to purchase them or gift them to their upcoming generations.

Appreciation of Success

There are people, who like to celebrate their achievement in life by wearing magnificent Native American bracelet designs. Some people also celebrate their financial soundness by wearing these expensive jewelry designs. This can bring respect from people surrounding these individuals and also, make them feel an important part of every occasion visited by them. More than that, these native jewelry designs can inform the influence of powerful people in the society. Lifestyle followed by the wearers of these jewels is also conveyed through these western jewelry designs.       

Teenagers and Young Adults

For our teenagers and young individuals, a Native American bracelet can make them successful to appear cool and vibrant. These jewelry pieces have been appreciated by the youngsters for adding fascination to their personality. The good aspect of these representatives of native jewelry is that they equally appeal to men and women. They are not partial towards a particular gender and thus, can bring joy to individuals from both groups.  

These native western jewelry bracelets are available in different styles like chains, bangles and more. While former style is suitable for both, men and women, latter one is suitable for women jewelry wearers. Thus, you can possess a piece of these impressive bracelets irrespective of your age group, for all good reasons associated with them.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Wearing Turquoise Jewelry – Different Meaning for Different People

Turquoise jewelry is popular among people from different walks of life, not only for the elegance carried by this beautiful mineral, but also due to a number of beliefs and tales associated with it. Right from the advent of jewelry crafting in Native America, this mineral has always found space in different jewelry designs like Native American bracelet and necklace. So, what are different aspects of this mineral, which appeal to different people for wearing it?

Heavenly Peace in Blue Turquoise

Heavens are generally associated with peaceful facet of blue color and this inspires many turquoise wearers to call this mineral as ‘pieces of sky’. It is believed that wearing this mineral in various forms like Native American earrings and others can induce peace in your life and connect to God spiritually. The availability of this mineral in different shades of blue and green can express different levels of serenity. 

Popular as Birthstone

The jewelers and turquoise jewelry crafters have been using this mineral as December birthstone for bringing success to people born in this month. Apart from adding gleaming effect to your personality, you can wear turquoise for achieving your aims and reducing negative energy from your life. You can find this birthstone, combined with other birthstones and embedded in a variety of precious metals like silver, gold and platinum.

Rendering Fashion Statements

You can wear Native American bracelet and Native American earrings to appear fashionable in the society. You can witness a number of celebrities from films and fashion world, wearing this mineral and looking gorgeous. It is popular as a summer wear and can compliment your wardrobe and style in an exclusive manner. You can also wear it in the form of chokers and neckbands and turn everyone green with envy. 

More Beliefs Associated with Turquoise

It is the belief of gem-experts around the world that turquoise is capable of providing healing and restoring powers to its wearers. It is believed that fading of this mineral represents some kind of danger around you. Some people wear it with the belief of attaining mind and body relaxation.

The jewelry designers and sellers like Red Hand Jewelry use various varieties of this mineral to fabricate turquoise jewelry. The most popular ones are Persian turquoise, though Mexican and American varieties are also used widely. You can purchase a Native American bracelet or any other product for enjoying various benefits of this majestic stone.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Factors You Need to Consider before Purchasing Native Jewelry

Apart from impressive wardrobe and beauty products, jewelry pieces are also capable of refining your appearance in the society. And when it comes to native jewelry, you can expect some great products, waiting for becoming the charm of your personality. You can acknowledge the creative skills possessed by native artists, who blessed us with most distinctive designs. If you want to feel proud while wearing Native American necklace or any other piece, make sure you have right shopping information about these products.

Material of Native Jewelry

The native jewelry is available in huge variety in terms of materials from which it is crafted. You can find beautiful turquoise jewelry on one hand and wonderful designs manufactured from more precious metals like gold and platinum. The choice of jewelry depends upon your taste and the willingness to spend in your budget limits. Whatever choice you make; you will appreciate the possession of one or two of these jewelry designs and consider yourself fortunate enough to wear them.

Originality of Native Jewelry

While shopping for these jewels, you need to possess the talent to distinguish between original jewelry and the fake copies of various designs. The jewelry pieces like Native American necklace and bracelets are expensive and thus, it provides opportunity to some manufacturers and dealers to make profit by selling their duplicate counterparts. If you find it difficult to distinguish between original and duplicate, you must accompany an expert while shopping for native jewelry. Also, choose authenticated online stores like Red Hand Jewelry for buying these products.

Consider Your Budget

Budget must be among your main consideration while shopping for various types of native jewelries, including turquoise jewelry or sterling silver jewelry. If you find it difficult to reserve money at this moment, you can start saving money for the same. You can’t resist the temptation of wearing these jewelry pieces and thus, must make the efforts to bring the right time soon for buying them.

Finally, you must take into consideration the types of attires; you commonly wear for various events and parties. It is a good idea to purchase turquoise jewelry, which can compliment your personality and your usual wardrobe. Also, you can desire for a set of various designs falling in the category of native jewelries. For instance, along with a Native American necklace, you can purchase matching earrings and bracelets to further upgrade the grace of your persona.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Squash Blossom Necklace – Representative of Modified Native Jewelry

The western jewelry forms have treasures of artistic designs, with a long history to their credits. Some of the admirable jewelry designs are available in the category of Native American jewelry, which has not lost its excellence even after coming from a traditional background. You are certainly going to be impressed with the squash blossom necklace, a popular component of this jewelry form. Though, its origin is not purely based upon art traditions of tribal artists, it is considered as the symbol of modified tribal jewelry designing art.

History of Squash Blossom Necklace

The squash blossom necklace was designed with the arrival of artists from European countries like Spain to America. The skilled jewelry artists from most popular tribe of Native America, Navajo, learnt a number of skills from European artists. They became silversmiths and got impressed with ‘naja’, a Spanish jewel with crescent shape and finally, gave birth to this beautiful necklace. Though, initial necklaces were designed from silver, turquoise necklace was invented in the 19th century. The Zuni artists devised an inlay design using this mineral to further enhance the beauty of these necklaces.

What’s in the Name

The secret behind the name of this necklace is still unknown to the Native American jewelry designers and wearers. There is no mention of this name in Navajo or Zuni culture. Some people consider its derivation from languages including Spanish, English and a native language. Others consider the shape of beads as the reason behind this name. Whatever the mystery might be; the jewelry lovers are in great love with this piece of western jewelry style.

Purchasing Squash Blossom Necklace

Some people might refer the popular trade, called dead pawn, for purchasing these silver or turquoise necklace designs. The majority of products sold here were either robbed and sold on this shop, or were mortgaged here by poor jewelry owners. However, you might not favor the idea of purchasing the products collected in these unworthy manners. Moreover, it might not appear as a good idea to pay tribute to extremely talented Native American jewelry designers.

Instead of this, you can purchase these necklaces from stores like Red Hand Jewelry, facilitating original designs crafted by artists of Navajo or Zuni origins. By doing so, you can contribute towards popularizing the long-lived tradition of native western jewelry.